1. FUSCC-NMRRC joint webinar on “The treatment of oligo metastatic prostate cancer” 2023-02-16
  2. Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center revealed a unique T cell subset in the immune microenvironment of HPV-positive oropharyngeal carcinoma2023-02-16
  3. The study “clinical value of 68Ga-FAPI PET/CT in platinum-sensitive recurrent ovarian cancer” performed by Nuclear Medicine Department of Shanghai Cancer Center has been recognized internationally2023-02-16
  4. Prof. Zhiguo Luo and his team published the result of a phase II study of soft tissue sarcoma on Clinical Cancer Research2022-09-28
  5. FUSCC research team reveals characteristics of gut microbiome, metabolites, microbial enzyme genes in EO-CRC2022-09-28
  6. Chinese prostate cancer drug shows promising results2022-09-16
  7. Simultaneous cervicothoracic thymic cancer and thyroid cancer removed in a single operation2022-06-23
  8. The researches from Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center mapped the proteogenomic profile of clear cell renal cell carcinoma2022-06-21
  9. A novel method to reconstruct recurrent laryngeal nerve2022-03-09
  10. The researches from Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center find the regulatory mechanism for the progression of the Triple-negative breast cancer2022-02-15