On September 15th, 2021, the 10th FUSCC-CRIKU Joint Symposium on Tumor Biology was convened at FUSCC. Since the global epidemic has not been effectively controlled, the symposium adopted a combination of on-site and virtual conference, by setting up a venue in Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center (FUSCC), meanwhile, taking advantage of ZOOM app, participants enable to communicate with each other on camera. Professor Zhen Chen, Vice President of FUSCC, attended the symposium and delivered the opening remarks. Professor Xin Hu, Assistant Director of FUSCC Cancer Research Institute, and Professor Shenglin Huang were the moderators for the first and second half of the symposium respectively.


On behalf of FUSCC senior authorities, VP Zhen Chen welcomed Professor Kunio Matsumoto, the new Director of Kanazawa University Cancer Research Institute (KU-CRI), and over 40 faculties of KU-CRI who joined in the symposium. He expressed that since MOU was signed in 2010, both sides had maintained a friendly and continuous relationship. FUSCC and KU-CRI had reached an agreement to launch the symposium alternatively when the first joint seminar on tumor biology was held successfully in Kanazawa in 2011. Just as the previous joint symposiums held either in Kanazawa or in Shanghai, the current one will contribute to our cooperation and innovation in cancer basic research and leaving wonderful memories in everyone’s mind.


The symposium focused on breast cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, basic research, genomics, and other topics. Six speakers include Professor Gonghong Wei, Professor Fei Chen, Professor Yizhou Jiang of FUSCC , and associate Professor Hiroko OSHIMA, Assistant Professor Kazuhiro MURAKAMI, Associate Professor Kohsuke TSUCHIYA from (KU-CRI) made excellent presentations respectively. At the seminar, Prof. Gonghong Wei themed as "Epigenome and Cistrome-based Understanding of Cancer Susceptibility", focusing on the mechanism and potential translational medicine research. At the second half of the seminar, Professor Fei Chen shared his latest findings on "Mechanistic Investigation of transcription and gene expression". The last report was presented by Professor Yizhou Jiang, his great findings on Triple Negative Breast Cancer integrating “clinical practice-research findings-clinical clarification” process was highly evaluated and acknowledged by KU-CRI researchers.  


The 10th joint symposium attracted more than 100 researchers and students of FUSCC and KU-CRI in total through offline and online platform. Finally, it was ended along with the closing remarks delivered by Professor Kunio Matsumoto, new Director of KU-CRI. He represented the whole faculties to congratulated FUSCC’s 90th anniversary and thanked for all the participants’ contributions. At the same time, he displayed a number of precious gathering photos and cooperation achievements both sides achieved in the previous symposiums and he sincerely hope the friendship between the sister institutions may last forever. All what we can do together would be beneficial to more and more cancer patients.