Name:Cao Yiqun

Education & Professional Experience   2015.10-present: Director of the department of BRAIN &SPINE SURGERY of Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center. professor.
2010.6-2015.10 the department of neurosurgery of changhai hospital. vice professor.
2004.6-2010.6 the department of neurosurgery of changhai hospital, Attending Doctor. 
1999.9-2004.6 the department of neurosurgery of changhai hospital, Master Degree of Surgery .
Specialty   Central nervous system neoplasms, brain tumors , spinal tumors
Research   2005.1-2007.12 the nerve protection mechanism research of The STN DBS in PD (National Nature Fund: 30471776)
2009.9-2011.9 Research on the establishment and application of the simulated network teaching in Department of Neurosurgery (Second Military Medical University teaching fund JYC2009025)
2010.9-2012.8 Establishment and regulation of the deep brian stimulation in Hemiparkinsonism monkey model.( Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Fund: 10140903400)
2011.1-2014.6 Experimental study on the construction of Glioblastoma model in rats. ( Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Fund: 11140903802)
2012.7-2015.7 Precise surgical treatment of acute and chronic spinal cord injury.( Changhai Hospital 1255 fund: CH125520904)
2012.10-2015.6 Controlled preparation and biological safety of the controlled release of spinal nanometer drug loading and step release anti tuberculosis nano artificial bone. ( Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Fund: 12nm0501200)
2012.10-2014.9 Establishment and evaluation of electrical impedance model in rats with glioma. ( Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Fund: 12140901802)
2016.1-2019.12 Research on nano time controlled release drug stent in treatment of spinal cord glioma. (National Nature Fund: 81572921)
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