Name:Jin  Wei 
Department: Breast Surgery

Education & Professional Experience   Wei Jin is an oncology investigator studying novel oncogenes and tumor suppressor function and epigenetic regulation of metastasis genes, with a special emphasis in models of breast cancer. The goal of his research is to translating these findings to new therapeutics. He is an active member of the Breast Cancer Institute at Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center. The Jin Lab has been awarded large grants from NSFC, New Century Excellent Talents Fund, Shanghai Pujiang Program. As a key investigator, Prof. Jin participated in two national 973 projects and one national 863 project.
Prof. Jin received basic science training in the labs of Prof. William Hait in Cancer Institute of New Jersey during 2004-2006 (post-doctoral studies of drug resistance in cancer).
Research   1. Discovery of novel oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes contributed to breast tumor development and progression.
2. Epigenetic regulation of metastasis genes in breast cancer.
Publication   Prof. Jin has published 56 research papers in domestic and foreign journals, including 40 SCI journals. Papers have been published in Oncotarget, J BiolChem, Mol Cell Biol, Breast Cancer Res Treat, BiochemPharmacol.
Awards   Excellent Tutor Award, Cancer Hospital/Cancer Institute, Fudan University
Candidate of Ten Excellent Medical Youth Award, Fudan University