Name: Fan Min
Department: Radiation Oncology
Title:M.D., Professor

Education & Professional Experience  

1998-2005 Graduate School PhD of Medical Science, Shanghai Medical College (Former Shanghai Medical University) of Fudan University, Shanghai

1988-1993 Medical School Bachelor of Medicine, Shanghai Medical University, Shanghai

1982-1988 High School Zhong-Guo H.S., Shanghai

Specialty   Thoracic Cancer, Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Targeted Therapy
Research   Multiple Modality Therapy, Combining Targeted Therapy with Radiotherapy or Chemo-radiation, Proton Therapy, Cancer-Treatment Related Toxicities
Publication   1.Marks LB, Fan M, Clough R, Munley MT, Bentel GC, Coleman RE, Jaszczak R, Hollis D, Anscher M. Radiation-induced pulmonary injury: symptomatic versus subclinical endpoints. Int J Radiat Biol. 2000; 76(4): 469-475.
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Awards   2001 “Ten Best Young Medical Doctor” Award (for Excellence in Medical Contribution), Fu-Dan University
2002 MEIJI Scientific Award for Excellence in Life Science Research
2nd Prize of Teaching, Shanghai Medical College of Fu-Dan University
Oriental Scholarship, Fu-Dan University
2003 3rd Prize for Excellence in Scientific Treatise, Shanghai Science & Technology Committee
“Century Star” Award (1st Prize for Excellence in Research and Teaching), Fu-Dan University
“Hua Zang Scholarship” for Excellence in Teaching, Shanghai Medical College of Fu-Dan University
2005 Outstanding Young Medical Doctor, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Hygiene
2006 “Daiichi Pharm Scholarship” for Excellence in Teaching, Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University
2007 Outstanding Scholar, Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China