Name: Peng,Weijun

Education & Professional Experience   2002-present, Director, Department of Radiology ,Cancer center , Fudan University 
2002-Present, Professor, Cancer center , Fudan University ,Department of Radiology 
2001, Professor, Zhongshan Hospital , Fudan University ,Department of Radiology 
1996, Assistant Professor, Zhongshan Hospital , Fudan University ,Department of Radiology 
Shanghai medical college 
1994, M. D. in Medical imaging, Shanghai, China. 
Shihezi medical college 
1984, B.A. in Medical science, Xinjiang, China
Specialty   Cancer Imaging Diagnosis
Research   Breast cancer
Publication   Reference Journals:
China Tumor Preventing and Controlling Magazine
China Tumor Magazine
China Medical Imaging Computer Magazine
Clinical Radiology Magazine
Practical Radiology Magazine
China Medical Imaging Technology
Anti -Cancer Magazines

《Helical CT》
《Abdomen CT》
《Chest CT》
《Body CT and MRI》
《Body MRI》
《China Medical Imaging》
《Modern Clinical Oncology》
《Colorectal Cancer》
《Introduction of Oncology I》


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Two Patents (01135057.1 :00122432.8)
Awards   Second Prize of State Educational Committee Science Progressive
Third Prize of Health Ministry Science Progressive
13 Projects of National Natural Science Fund and Provincial-and Ministerial-level Research
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