Name: Chen Zhen

Education & Professional Experience   2005-present Associate Prof, Cancer Hospital, Fudan University
2000-2005 Attending Physician, Cancer Hospital, Fudan University
1997-2000 Postgraduate student, Graduate School, Fudan University
1995-1997 Attending Physician, Zhejiang College of TCM, Hangzhou, China
1995-1998 Postgraduate, Zhejiang College of TCM, Hangzhou, China
1987-1992 Resident Physician, Dept. of Traditional Chinese Med., Zhejiang Tele-communication Hospital
Specialty   Pancreatic Cancer, Hepatocellular Cancer, Gallbladder Cancer
Research   Ongoing Research Support
1 The cause(s) of TCM Differentiation in Pancreatic Cancer
Shanghai Health Bureau
International Center of TCM for Cancer
Role: PI
The aim of this study is to: 1)look for the cause of TCM differentiation in pancreatic cancer; 2)establish the biomarker pattern of TCM differentiation; 3)observe the relationship between TCM differentiation and pancreatic cancer.

Completed Research Support
1 R21 CA108084-01 Cohen (PI)
National Cancer Institute
International Center of TCM for Cancer
Role: Co-Investigator
The study was involved in three collaborative research programs: 1) Evaluating herbal/nature product treatments that target disease outcomes and treatment– and disease-related symptoms. 2) Determine the effects of acupuncture on specific clinical symptoms in patients with cancer. 3) Examine the biovebehavioral effects of qigong and other mind-body-based interventions in patient with cancer.
Publication   Kun Wang, Zhen Chen Acute Tumor Lysis Syndrome after Transarterial Chemoembolizationfor Well-Differentiated HepatocellularCarcinoma with Neuroendocrine Features;Onkologie 2010;33:532–535

Hai-Yan Dai, Peng Wang, Lan-Yun Feng, et al. The Molecular Mechanisms of Traditional Chinese Medicine ZHENG Syndromes on Pancreatic Tumor Growth, Integr Cancer Ther 2010 9: 291 originally published online 11 August 2010

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Awards   1995 Heren Award for the Year’s Excellent TCM Doctor
1999 First prize for Excellent Graduate, Graduate School, Fudan University
2002 Third Prize of Medical Study, Hangzhou Health Bureau
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