Name: Li Jin 

Education & Professional Experience 1994-1996, MD., Major: Oncology and Immunology, Second Military Medical University.
1986-1989, MS, Major: Gynecologic Oncology, Second Military Medical University.
1977-1982, BS, Major: Medicine, Nanjing Railway Medical College.

2003-Precent: Professor and Director of the Department of Medical Oncology,
Fudan University Cancer Hospital
Head, Clinical Study Unit of Fudan Cancer Hospital
2000-2002: Post-Doc and visiting scientist in Yale Medical School.
1997-1999: Associate professor in the Department of Oncology,
Shanghai Changhai Hospital.
1989-1993: Attending and Lecturer in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology,
Shanghai Changhai Hospital.
1982-1986: Resident in Xichang Railway Hospital in Sichuan Province.
Specialty   1989-1991:
•Investigated tissue tolerance to pelvic intraaterial chemoembolizaation with cisplatin-lipiodol suspension in rabbits and found that tissue retention of platinum was linearly related to the dosage of lipiodol during the study of the pelvic chemoembolization for pelvic cancers.
• Observed only slight degeneration (a single dose of 0.2ml/kg lipiodol) and sparse hemorrhage without necrosis.
•Investigated the synergistic effects of chemical drugs and TNF, IFN by using three ovarian cancer cell lines and the nude mice model to assess the synergistic effect of TNF, IFN and chemotherapeutic drugs, and concluded that
1) NIH: OVCAR-3 and 3AO cells were resistant to the individual treatment with TNF
and IFN.
2) Epirubicin and TNF were two major cytotoxic agents to NIH: OVCAR-3. All three ovarian cancer cells were susceptible to combined use of epirubicin, 5-Fu, TNF and IFN.
3) The experiments with nude mice also indicated significant synergistic effects of TNF, IFN and chemical drugs.
•Constructed an ICE expressed retrovirus vector to investigate the effects of ICE gene on the biologic characteristics of ovarian cancer cells.
• Demonstrated that human ICE gene can suppress the phenotype and tumorigenicity in nude mice of ovarian cancer cells and the sensitivity to TNF and chemical drugs was increased in ICE expressed cancer cells.

• Studying different time and dose of tumor antigen pulsed murine dendritic cells induced different anti-tumor immunity in vivo.
• Investigating the activity of DCs pulsed with TAA supported by Chinese Science Foundation.
Research   (a) tumor biotherapy and target agents
(b) tumor immunotherapy and tumor vaccine
(c) chemotherapy of digestive system neoplasms especially gastrointestinal cancers
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Awards   1. current Secretary General of CSCO
2. Head of Chemotherapy Quality Control Center in Shanghai
Out-patient Schedule  

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