Name: Yu, XianJun

Title:Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Chief of Department of Pancreas Surgery, Shanghai Cancer Vice president of Pancreatic Disease Institute,FudanUniversity.

Education & Professional Experience   2010.1~present Chairman,Master's Supervisor, Associate Professor, Pancreas & Hepatobiliary Surgery Department of Cancer Center, Fudan University 
2010.1~present Vice president, Pancreatic desease institute, Fudan University 
2010- Chief of Pancreas & Hepatobiliary Surgery Department, Shanghai Cancer Center, Fudan University ;Vice President of Pancreatic Disease Institute. 
2009.7-2009.8 clinic observeship,MD.Anderson Cancer center, American 
2008.12-2009.7 post doctor,Baylor college of Medicine, American.
2008.9~2010.1 Associate Professor,Surgery department of Huashan hospital, Fudan university 
2006.12-2010.1 Master's Supervisor,Surgery department of Huashan hospital, Fudan university 
2005.6-2010.1 assitant of director, Pancreatic desease institute, Fudan University 
2004.8-2010.1Vice chief surgeon,Surgery department of Huashan hospital, Fudan university.
2004-2010 Professor, Director of Center for Pancreatic Cancer, Center for Pancreatic Cancer,Huashan Hospital, Fudan University. 
2000-2003 PHD,Surgery department of Huashan hospital, Shanghai medical university Associate Professor,Huashan Hospital , Shanghai medical university. 
1998-2004 attending, Surgery department of Huashan hospital, Fudan university. 
1996-1999 resident, Surgery department of Huashan hospital, Shanghai medical university. 
1996-2010 Consultant and Head of Department of General Surgery, Huashan Hospital, Fudan University.
1994-1996 master degree , Surgery department of Huashan hospital, Shanghai medical university. 
1989-1994 bachelor degree,Clinial medicine major of Shanghai medical university. 
1986-1989 Student, high school affliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Specialty   Pancreatic cancer
Research   1.Clinical research of pancreatic cancer:
(1)the design and carrying out of new treatment for pancreatic cancer by staging.
(2)clinical research for intra-arterial infusion before surgery for advanced pancreatic cancer
(3)the feature and prevention of lymphatic metastasis in pancreatic cancer( lymphocyte targeted therapy)
(4)combined therapy in multitemporal intraarterial infusion for resectable pancreatic cancer
2.Basic research of pancreatic cancer:
(1)the mechanism of intraarterial infusion chemotherapy in pancreatic cancer
(2)association of tumor markers in diagnosis of pancreatic cancer
(3)investigate the pancreatic cancer associated gene by gene chips
(4)the expression of MBD1 and MDR1 in pancreatic cancer
(5)molecular biology in lymphatic metastasis and micrometastasis in pancreatic cancer
3.Earlydiagnosis of gallbladder carcinoma:
(1) the study of DNA column diagram in carcinoma of gallbladder
Publication   1.Yu X, Zhang Y, Chen C, Yao Q, Li M. Targeted drug delivery in pancreatic cancer. Biochim Biophys Acta(BBA-REV CANCER),2010,1805(1):97-104(first author,Impact factor:10.283)
2.Luo G, Yu X, Jin C, Yang F, Fu D, Long J, Xu J, Zhan C, Lu W. LyP-1-conjugated nanoparticles for targeting drug delivery to lymphatic metastatic tumors. Int J Pharm,2010,385(1-2):150-156 (corresponding author,Impact factor:3.061)
3.Li JM, Chen W, Wang H, Jin C, Yu XJ, Lu WY, Cui L, Fu DL, Ni QX, Hou HM. Preparation of albumin nanospheres loaded with gemcitabine and their cytotoxicity against BXPC-3 cells in vitro. Acta Pharmacol Sin,2009,30(9):1337-1343(corresponding author,Impact factor:1.676)
4.YU Xian-jun, LIU Chen, XU Jin, JIN Chen, LONG Jiang, FU De-liang, NI Quan-xing. Effects of MBD1 knock-down on the expression of VIMENTIN and GRP78 in pancreatic cancer cell line.JOURNAL OF SURGERY CONCEPTS & PRACTICE ,2009,14(2):174-178
5.Liu C, Chen Y, Yu X, Jin C, Xu J, Long J, Ni Q, Fu D, Jin H, Bai C. Proteomic analysis of differential proteins in pancreatic carcinomas: Effects of MBD1 knock-down by stable RNA interference.BMC Cancer,2008,8:121(corresponding author,Impact factor:3.087)
6.Ji SR, Liu C, Zhang B, Yang F, Xu J, Long J, Jin C, Fu DL, Ni QX, Yu XJ.Carbon nanotubes in cancer diagnosis and therapy.BiochimBiophysActa(BBA-REVCANCER)Manuscript No.: BBACAN-09-56R1 (accepted,corresponding author,Impact factor:10.28)
7.YU Xianjun;LONG Jiang;FU Deliang;et al Analysis on gene expression profiles in pancreatic carcinoma using cDNA microarray.Chinese Journal of Experimental Surgery 2002 Vol.19 No.4 (first author)
Awards   First prize of “The people award, Shanghai medical university”,1993.
Having Completed the project “Treating pancreatic cancer by stages”,and been successfully idetified as internatinal advanced level by Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau,2001.
Third prize of “Excellent articles of Chinese medical association”,2003.
Third prize of “Shanghai medical prize in combined treatment of pancreatic cancer”( as the fourth partner) ,shanghai,2009.

Out-patient Schedule  

Tuesday and Thursday morning