Name: Ni,QuanXing
Title:Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Honorary Director of Department of Pancreas Surgery,President of Pancreatic Disease Institute

Education & Professional Experience   2010- Honorary Chief; President of Pancreatic Disease Institute; Pancreas &Hepatobiliary Surgery Department,Shanghai Cancer Center, Fudan University.

2004-2010 Professor, Director of Center for Pancreatic Cancer, Center for Pancreatic Cancer, Huashan Hospital, Fudan University.

1996-2010 Consultant and Chief of Department of General Surgery, Huashan Hospital, Fudan University.

1992-1993 Oversea Fellow, University of California, Los Angeles.

1991-2006 Associate Professor,Huashan Hospital , Shanghai medical university.
1985-1991 Attending Doctor , Huashan Hospital , Shanghai medical university.

1979-1985 Residency, Huashan Hospital , Shanghai medical university.

1969-1979 Residency, Fuling District Hospital, Sichuang Province.
Specialty   Pancreatic Cancer
Research   Professor Ni innovatively proposed the new strategy, “Three phases Treatment of Locally Advanced Pancreatic Cancer” in China. In this theory, locally advanced pancreatic cancer was suggested to be treated by three steps, namely, biliary drainage, intra-arterial chemotherapy and curative operation. He gained great experience in this area through practicing for longer than ten years and this technique doubled the curative operation rate for locally advanced pancreatic cancer. It decreases the liver metastasis rate from 50.82% to 34.00%, lymphatic metastasis rate from 21.87% to 3.50% and increases median survival time from 10.5 to 18.5 months, 5-year survival rate from 8.47% to 12.25%. Now this theory is widely accepted by the clinicians and researchers in China and also acknowledged by the Shanghai Scientific Society.
Supported by the Ministry of Public Health of China, we also investigated the characterization of lymphatic metastasis of pancreatic cancer. We found totally different lymphatic metastasis mode in Chinese patients, which plays an important role in guiding lymph nodes resection and lymphatic chemotherapy. All these findings were incorporated in the Guideline of pancreatic cancer compiled by the Chinese Anti-cancer Association and rewarded by the Ministry of Public Health, China and Shanghai Medical Society.
The total grant support for our department exceeds 10 million Yuan (1.2 million Euros) from all kinds of sources. Our Research Center and Tissue Bank occupy extensive, modern facilities that are generously equipped with a full range of instrumentation required for research in cell biology, molecular biology, histopathology, and immunology.
Publication   QuanXing Ni,et al,Modern Practice of Surgery[M],2000.

QuanXing Ni,et al,Modern Practice of Surgery(2nd. Edition) [M],2002.

QuanXing Ni,et al,Clinical Handbook of Surgery [M],2002.

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Awards   Teacher of the year, Shanghai Medical University,1996.
Honorary Doctor of Chinese Government, Government of China, 1997-present.
Model Doctor, Health Bureau, Shanghai,1997,1999.
Teacher of the year, Fudan University, Shanghai,2002.
Out-patient Schedule  

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