Name: Zhang Jie

Education & Professional Experience   July , 2009-August, 2010 Fellowship in Minimal Invasive Surgery (MIS), Heart, Lung and Esophageal Surgery Institution, Department of Thoracic Surgery, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center 
October, 2006 -October, 2008 , Shanghai Chest hospital ,Shanghai Jiaotong University, Post-doc Associate, Shanghai
Jan, 2003-Sep, 2004, Research Fellowship in Public Health Science, Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center, Seattle, USA  
Sep, 2000-May, 2006, Residency in Department of Surgery, Cancer Hospital/Cancer Institute, Fudan University
September, 2000-July ,2005, Cancer Hospital/Cancer Institute, Fudan university, PhD 
July,1999-July,2000 , Intern in Shanghai Huadong Hospital, Shanghai, China 
September, 1995-July , 2000, Former Shanghai Medical University, Shanghai, M.D,
Specialty   Thoracic Cancer
Research   I attended Shanghai Medical School and did my residency at Shanghai Cancer Hospital and a post-doc at Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center in USA. After these training, I have extensive experience in osteoclast biology, and our lab have been involved in the studies of the tumor microenvironment and bone disease.
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Awards   2001 Pass United State Medical License Examination Step 1 (USMLE, ID: 0-660-986-1)
2002 Award from Fudan University for Excellence in 2000-2001
2005 Shanghai Best Doctoral Dissertation Award
2009 Shanghai “Xin chang zheng” Award for the Best of Youth
Out-patient Schedule  

Wednesday Afternoon, Thursday Morning