Name: Liu, Guangyu
Title:Deputed Chief/Associated Professor

Education & Professional Experience   2009 present Deputed Chief/Associated Professor, Department of Breast Surgery, Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center 
2006-2007 Clinical observer, Surgical Oncology and Plastic Surgery. M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, University of Texas, USA 
2003-2009 Attending Surgeon, Department of Breast Surgery, Cancer Hospital, Fudan University
2002- 2003 Visiting researcher, Molecular Biology. Department of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Manitoba, Canada
2000~2003 Resident, Department of Surgery, Cancer Hospital, Fudan University 
2000 China Medical Licenses to practice, Shanghai
2000-2004 ph.D., Oncology. School of Medicine, Fudan University 
1993- 2000 M.D., Medicine. Shanghai Medical University 

Specialty   Breast Surgery
Research   NSFC 30872959(PI, ) 01/01/08 – 12/31/10
National Nature Science Foundation of China: Biomarkers of breast cancer in serum
The results from this study will help to identify serum biomarkers for early diagnosis of breast cancer that have application potential in clinical practice.
Role: Co-PI

Completed Research Projects

NSFC 30600725 (PI, Guang-Yu Liu) 01/01/07 – 12/31/09
National Nature Science Foundation of China: The effect of anoxia on the signaling pathway mediated by estrogens in breast cancer.
The major goal of this study is to investigate
Role: PI

ICRETT-No: 02-76 (PI, Guang-Yu Liu) 01/01/02 – 12/31/03
UICC : Microdissection Techniques and molecular analysis of breast cancer
The goal is to build a bio-bank of tumor tissue for breast cancer and conduct molecular biological research on the disease.
Role: PI
Publication   1. Ling H, Liu GY, Lu JS, Love S, Zhang JX, Xu XL, Xu WP, Shen KW, Shen ZZ, Shao ZM. Fiberoptic Ductoscopy-Guided Intraductal Biopsy Improve the Diagnosis of Nipple Discharge. Breast J, 2009,15(2):168-175
2. Liu ZB, Liu GY, Yang WT, Di GH, Lu JS, Shen KW, Shen ZZ, Shao ZM, Wu J.Triple-negative breast cancer types exhibit a distinct poor clinical characteristic in lymph node-negative Chinese patients. Oncol Rep. 2008 Oct;20(4):987-94
3. Liu GY, Lu JS, Shen KW,Wu J,Chen CM, Hu Z, Shen ZZ, Zhang TQ, Shao ZM. Fiberoptic ductoscopy combined with cytology testing in the patients of spontaneous nipple discharge. Breast Cancer Res Tr. 2008 Mar;108(2):271-7. Epub 2007 May 2
4. Yu KD, Liu GY, Di GH, Wu J, Lu JS, Shen KW, Shen ZZ, Shao ZM. Progesterone receptor status provides predictive value for adjuvant endocrine therapy in older estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer patients. Breast. 2007
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6. Aili J, Liu GY, Shen KW. Loss of Progesterone Receptor Expression in Estrogen Receptor Positive Breast Cancer is associated with HER-2/neu Over-expression. Tumor(Chinese). 2006, 26(11):1033-1035
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8. Cooper C, Liu GY [Co-first Author], Niu YL, Santos S, Murphy LC, Watson PH.Intermittent hypoxia induces proteasome-dependent down-regulation of estrogen receptor alpha in human breast carcinoma. Clin Cancer Res. 2004,10(24):8720-8727.
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20. Liu GY, Shao ZM, Shen ZZ. Assessment and prevention of high risk women on breast cancer. China Oncology(Chinese). 2000,10(5):438-442.
Awards   2010 Shanghai Award on Medical Science and Technology ( second rank )
2010 Wu Jie-Ping Foundation for Medical Science
2008 National Nature Science Foundation of China ( No. 30872959)
2006 National Nature Science Foundation of China ( No. 30600725)
2006 Shanghai Award on Science and Technology ( third rank )
2006 Century Star Training Program, Fudan University
2006 Hua-Zang Prize for Teaching, Fudan University
2005 CACA – Norvatis - M.D.Anderson Educational Grant
2005 Young Medical Doctors Training Plan ( Bureau of Health, Shanghai )
2004 National Award on Science and Technology ( second rank )
2002 Microdissection Techniques and molecular analysis of breast cancer, UICC (ICRETT, No: 76)
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