Name: Shen Jun
Department: ENDOSCOPY
Title:associate professor, associate chief physician

Education & Professional Experience   Working in digestive endoscopy for 33 years, he is experienced with pre-cancerous lesions of the gastrointestinal tract, gastrointestinal tract, early diagnosis and treatment of cancer. He is able to do variety of endoscopic treatment, misuse of anastomotic suture incision, endoscopic smear biopsy to submucosal tumou diagnosis, endoscopic clip preoperative localization, various anastomotic stricture incision, balloon and bougie type expander expansion, tumor stenosis or obstruction caused by a variety of stent implantation, and the application of microwave, argon knife, high frequenty, very effective on the cavity cancer treatment. Especially with the original technique of applied mechanics in colonoscopy, reduces the patient pain and examination time, 99% reaches ileocecal. This won the first prize for clinical medical and technological achievements from Shanghai Medical University.
Specialty   He has well studied in colorectal cancer precursor lesions and early endoscopic treatment of colorectal cancer surgery. These has a positive and significant meaning in precancerous lesion of colorectal cancer in a small flat adenoma and non-depressed early colorectal adenomas aspects of diagnosis and treatment of colorectal small lesions and early diagnosis and treatment of colorectal cancer, colorectal cancer and adenoma after colonoscopy prospective follow-up study at high risk of colorectal cancer follow-up colonoscopy floolw-up study, to prevent and reduce the incidence of colorectal cancer. It is rather effective on preoperative and postoperative control study of H. pylori., and improve the early diagnosis of colorectal cancer screening.
Publication   Published 32 papers in domestic and foreign, write 8 reading material of understanding colorectal cancer. Involved in 16 monographs.