On April 30 – May 2, 2019, Global Academic program (GAP) Annual Meeting 2019 organized by MD Anderson Cancer Center was held at Houston, United States. The theme of the current annual meeting was Innovation& Collaboration to Transform Patient Care. A multidisciplinary team of FUSCC, headed by the Vice-president CHEN Zheng and composed of 6 experts and professors, attended the meeting. Representatives from 34 Sister institutions attended the meeting.

On the morning of April 30, the 2019 GAP Annual Meeting was opened at Intercontinental Houston Hotel Medical Center. Mr. Michael Kupferman, Senior Vice President of MDACC, gave an opening speech. Associate Professor Kathleen Schmeler, Department of Gynecologic Oncology and Reproductive Medicine delivered an opening report about the global cooperation in cancer clinical research, which benefits all the attendants. Talks were arranged in several workshops on Precision medicine, oncology clinical trials, immunotherapy, basic prevention and control, and individualized screening for cancer by doctors and experts.


During the meeting, Colorectal Surgorn Yanlei MA, Breast Surgeron Yin ZHANG, Nuclear Medicine expert Chang LIU, Xiaoju Zhang, deputy director of Nursing Department gave an oral speech respectively and Professor Yong CHEN deputy director of Orthopedic & Soft Tissue Department presented posters. In the Gastric Cancer workshop, Professor Yanlei MA gave an oral speech called integrated microbiome and metabolome analysis reveals the novel interplay between commensal bacteria and metabolites in colorectal cancer, focusing on the interaction between symbiosis flora and metabolites in patients with colorectal cancer and proposing a heated discussion on microbiome and metabolomics.


FUSCC VP Zheng CHEN and Prof. Yong CHEN had a brief and in-depth exchange with Senior Vice President of MDACC Dr. Michael Kupferman on Talents exchange, cooperation in clinical and basic research, progress in cancer prevention and immunotherapy and etc. Dr. Michael Kupferman pointed out that MDACC attaches great importance to cooperation and exchanges with FUSCC, and will continue support and strengthen cooperation in clinical and basic research. Attracted by the achievements in cancer prevention and treatment in recent years, they will visit FUSCC in the future.


During the visit to the United States, representatives of FUSCC also attended the MDACC China Sisters Hospital Reception hosted by the US-China Center for Medical Exchange. Vice President Zhen Chen was invited as the representative of the Chinese sister hospital delivering a speech to Mr Qianming Li, Consulate General of Chinese Embassy in the United States, Professor Michael Kupferman, Associate Dean of MDACC and Doctor Wei Wu, Executive Director of the US-China Medical Exchange Center. We are hoping to use our hospital as an entry point to promote Sino-US medical and health cooperation.

During the three-day meeting, experts and scholars from all over the world received warm reception by MDACC, where heated academic discussions and American culture left a deep impression on the participants.