On 23-24 June, 2019, FUSCC delegation headed by Director Luo Zhiguo from Clinical Trial Unit and composed of Prof. Hu Xin, Associate Prof. Yao Ling, Doctor Zhang Zhe, Doctor Chen Jie, respectively representing Cancer Research Institute, Integrative Treatment, and Gastric Surgery attended the 2019 WIN Symposium (Worldwide Innovation Networking in Personalized Cancer Medicine) in Paris, France.

The theme of the 2019 WIN Symposium is “Innovation and Global Deployment of Precision Oncology”. The opening speech addressed by Richard L. Schilsky, President of WIN and the Chief Medical Officer of ASCO. The symposium focused on the following sessions: Transformative Innovations in Precision Oncology Trials and Challenges of Experimental Therapeutics; Innovation in Laboratory/Preclinical Models and Translational Research; Disruptive Concepts and Innovation across the Globe; Deployment of Precision Oncology; New Concepts and Therapeutics Approaches in Precision Oncology.

It is worth to mention that the research finding of Development and Application of Precision Oncology led by Prof. Hu Xin was selected as the keynote speech by the 2019 WIN Symposium. He shared the development history of precision medicine in China and highlighted the significant achievements of precision medicine in scientific research transformation and clinical application achieved by FUSCC in the past few years, and making the "Chinese voice" of precision medicine and treatment of oncology on the international stage. The report was warmly received by participates. In addition, Prof. Hu Xin also presided over the discussion of New Concepts and New Technologies for Precision Oncology and had a heated discussion with many renowned oncologists around the world on the future development of precision medicine and the cutting-edge issues of the new generation of core technologies.

During the symposium, Prof. Zhiguo Luo and Prof. Xin Hu as FUSCC representatives had a brief and in-depth exchange with Prof. Josep Tabernero, WIN Consortium Head, President of the European Society for Medical Oncology(ESMO), and Prof. Vladimir Lazar, Chief Scientific and Operating Officer of WIN Consortium. Professor Zhiguo Luo expressed the desire of FUSCC intend to do more contributions in the international multi-center clinical trials organized by WIN and play a more significant role on the international stage.