On June 25-26, 2018, the 10th WIN symposium was successfully held in Paris. The meeting focused on “WINNING THE WAR AGAINST CANCER”. FUSCC delegation of seven people headed by Vice President CHEN ZHEN attended the symposium. 

Before the meeting, Vice President Chen Zhen and Director Ni Ming of International Affairs Office attended the win general assembly. The meeting reported the financial status of WIN in 2017 and the latest progress of three clinical trials such as SPRING001, BOOSTER and TAPUR. It is worth mentioning that Dr. Liu Rujiao, Department of Oncology of FUSCC, was awarded the Best-Poster Owner by WIN and she made a presentation at the meeting. Dr. Liu reported her team’s findings on dynamic monitoring of ctDNA in colorectal cancer patients. The result is that 5 out of 36 patients with colorectal cancer treated with Abitol showed ctDNA HER2 positive, and the presence of ctDNA HER2 positive could predict tumor progression in advance. It provides the possibility for further HER2 targeted therapy. Dr. Liu’s report was well received by Professor Vladimir Lazar, Chief Scientific Officer and Operations Officer of WIN.

Other three FUSCC-based attendees presented posters on Clinicopathologic Features and Prognostic Factors in Alpha-Fetoprotein-Producing Colorectal Cancer: Analysis of 78 Cases; SNPs in PSEN1 and MAML2 predict overall survival in Chinese patients with epithelial ovarian cancer; The size and depth of lesions measured by gastroscopy at diagnosis are prognostic factors of primary gastric diffuse large B-cell lymphoma respectively.